Wireless Two-way Radios

Two-Way Radios for Yachts

2 way Radios are a great way to communicate to staff without using a paging system, with large scale of converge most two way radios will be suitable for you yacht, contact us to find out!

Giving you the opportunity to clearly speak to other members of staff on the yacht, we understand communication between staff is important and with these two way radios your yacht has a major advantage when dealing with guests and or incidents that may take place on the super yacht. Visit our brand new website for radios: www.twowayradiosuk.co.uk

Motorola XT400 Series

The Motorola XT400 series has lots of benefits one of them being that it delivers loud and clear audio because of its specified RF performance having built in 1500mW loudspeaker and wind-noise reduction, the Motorola XT400 has 8 user channels and 219 privacy codes so you can be sure a digital clear signal.

To learn more about the Motorola XT400 please Contact Us and speak to our well trained sales team!


Opus T2 Two-Way Radio


This wireless two way radio is highly efficient and license free that is simple to you and provides you with the perfect communication ability. The robust design is perfect for the yacht environment and is very popular within the super yacht industry.

The opus T2 has loud, clear audio that has an impressive range, available with quality Accessories you can be sure the T2 is your for yacht.

To find out more about the Opus T2 Two Way Radio then please Contact Us!