Custom Wireless Call Buttons

High Quality Designer Custom Call Buttons for Guests

Our high quality customizable call buttons ensure your guests on the Yacht that help is just a push of a button away.

At LRS we understand guests need to feel relaxed while on a yacht and knowing help is not to far is beneficial to your guests and also to your staff, staff are able to attend to guests quickly generated a better satisfaction with the service on the yacht. The best looking and best performing Yacht Call Button in the industry, used by many companies all over the world.

Custom High Technology Call Buttons


These customizable call buttons, make your guests feel much better knowing help isn't too far away, the slick new design can be wooden or even leather making it the perfect fit for a high end small or large yacht, the sense of empowerment is over whelming and powerful people on a yacht should have that feeling, quickly communicate to a staff member through pressing the button they quickly receive a page and immediately locate where assistance is needed.

Give your customers the best yacht experience in their life. With LRS UK call buttons give guests the chance to feel like royalty with the service just a push of a button away!

Without any hesitation your guests have the chance to contact people on board the super yacht.

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One of our new custom buttons with coloured light (optional) available in many colours and different finishes.

Butler XP Deluxe Call Buttons

These Deluxe Butler XP call buttons are great for all weather conditions on deck of your yacht, the waterproof butler XP is great for push for service, or immediate help and or assistance.
Available in 7 different colours match the yachts interior design with the Deluxe XP, The perfect push button available here with a 250 meter range standard, but also we offer a range repeater helping boost the range and allowing the butler XP to reach anywhere on your yacht.

The deluxe butler is available as either a one push or a two push for service customisable to your needs.
The 7 colored XPs are very up to date with today's standards for technology knocking every other paging company out of the water!

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Butler ll one or five Call Button


Butler ll 5 button call system, suitable for the big and small yachts enabling guests to easily send an instant messaging page to the crew members if in need of assistance while being a guest on the yacht. The Butler ll is a great form of communication for big and small and big Yachts.

The butler ll can be used to call guests or can be used for guests to call staff members which when on a yacht is a crucial part of guest satisfaction when on board your yacht all guests like to know help is a push of a button away and with the butler ll this is made possible.

Without this system yachts are struggling to contact on staff creating a loud and annoying ambiance which can irritate and corrupt guests that situated on the yacht.

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