Pager Accessories

LRS Paging Accessories

We have lots of accessories available for pagers on a yacht, which makes them easier to use and more robust! At LRS we believe satisfaction is of high importance and with these small gadgets you are promised to be satisfied.

Deluxe Pager Protection Cases


These leather protectors not only protect your pager if its dropped but also can prevent any one dropping them and overall creating a more robust pager with the clip on the side your staff are able to wear the pager, preventing miss place, damaged or dropped, these pagers are worth their weight in gold.

As well as the good stylish quality these leather protectors are low costing! LRS has made sure your getting more for your money with these Leather Pager Protectors.

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Butler ll Programming Kit

The Butler ll Programming Kit is for push buttons/call buttons and it allows you to reprogram the device. Including a USB Cable for a windows PC computer , the ability of changing messages without sending the device to LRS is now available saving you additional costs such as postage/lrs price for time changing it for you!

On a yacht it is seen as a absolute 'must have' simply because of the different occasions that may be celebrated for a different time of year, its a quick easy way to make the call buttons completely customizable. 

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Door Sensor Kit


The door sensor kit is a very good add on to have on a yacht and serves a lot of potential these are good for when guests wonder around and for example go onto the decking area it is good to have staff able to go to them and ask if they are okay or if they want anything and the door sensor kit allows that to happen without the guests asking.

Its also very good for things such as the reception on board, allowing staff to do other jobs around the cabin and then being notified when a guest is in the reception allowing them to then go to them instead of waiting around all day when other guests are getting inpatient. Helping not only your staff but also the guests keeping their satisfaction booming with the great technology.

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Rubber Wristband Pager Holder

This rubber wristband case is mainly for crew that aren't seen by guests but still need a away to receive messages such as the engineers, below deck, having an easy view of a message on the alpha is important and a leather protector just wouldn't work with the wristband it is easily viewed and with no effort it can be seen easily.

It is also durable for the engineers environment with a strong rubber protector and a strong fit around the wrist.

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