Wireless Two-way Radios

Two-Way Radios for Superyachts & Marine Vessels

2 way Radios are a great way to communicate effectively to other staff without using paging systems onboard; if you need complete coverage on the vessel for staff and key personnel then usually two-way radios are the way to go. We have a huge range of marine wireless handsets that are suitable for every type of use and a substantial number of waterproof handsets that can be expensive from some suppliers, but we have a few really great brands that are extreme value for money. Those radios is not shown on this page and searching through many radios might be time consuming so please do call +44(0)1782 537000 and we can help.

Giving you the opportunity to clearly speak to other members of staff on the superyacht or other sea going vessel, we understand communication between staff is important and sometimes critical; great communications is aprimary concern when onboard at sea and can save lives; it will also helpi onboard staff to be substantially more efficient in their job. Think of the advantage when dealing with guests on a yacht and or incidents that may take place on the vessel. Visit our brand new website for radios: https://twowayradiosuk.co.uk where you will find literally hundreds of the very latest handsets for wireless communications. But because marine radios are specialist it's probably better to talk to our specialists.

We know that it can be difficult choosing the right equipment so please do contact us because we have many years experience of supplying radio's to marine users and we can advise you literally in minutes of what is the best suited handset for your exact needs. We can also supply marine base station wireless radios and/or signal boost repeaters suitable for a marine environment if that is of interest. Our team of radio experts are here along with our engineers to advise and help where necessary and in the radio business support is always a priority for our company.

We also supply all accessories like ear pieces for most radios and fist microphones whether for marine use or not as required along with multi chargers if there are multiple handsets onboard.

Some examples of common handsets for land use are shown below, but we urge you to visit our  www.twowayradiosuk.co.uk website also. For marine radios please call us.

Motorola XT400 Series

The Motorola XT400 series has lots of benefits one of them being that it delivers loud and clear audio because of its specified RF performance having built in 1500mW loudspeaker and wind-noise reduction, the Motorola XT400 has 8 user channels and 219 privacy codes so you can be sure a digital clear signal.

To learn more about the Motorola XT400 please Contact Us and speak to our trained sales team!


Opus T2 Two-Way Radio


This wireless two way radio is highly efficient and license free (only for dock or land based use) that is simple to you and provides you with the perfect communication ability. The robust design is perfect for yacht operators while on land or in dock.

The opus T2 has loud, clear audio that has an impressive range, available with quality accessories you can be sure the T2 is an excellent choice.

To find out more about the Opus T2 Two Way Radio then please Contact Us!