Steward and Crew Paging Systems

Steward and Crew Pager Systems for Superyachts

Contacting your crew can be difficult on occasion but with the paging systems we have to offer, its never been so easy until now. With our great new superyacht and marine paging systems not only will your staff be put at ease knowing assistance is only a push of a button away but also your guests who want to recall stewards and/or crew will receive increased service levels. 

Butler ll 4 Line Alpha Paging System

This system allows you to easily contact staff on board a super yacht without disturbing the ambiance, discreetly and immediately receive a message when other staff members or guests are in need of assistance.

With this system you can have up to 9 Butler ll units and as many 4 Line alphanumeric text messaging pagers as needed; for further range we have specialised signal boost repeaters that can use a smart accessory for complete coverage of the entire super yacht or marine vessel.

The Butler ll also has an advanced feature using a dry contact that allows the Butler ll to be connected to anything that opens or closes (think any sensor that opens or closes a contact) that will inform staff when there is an alarm. This feature is similar to the OEM alarm board we have but with only one contact.

To find out more about the Butler ll alphanumeric pager system please contact us


Butler XP 4 Line Alphanumeric Paging System

butler-xp-4line-alphanumeric-page- system

The Butler XP allows crew and stewards to be contacted immediately, with a one push button its easy to contact staff around the yacht when needed.

With the Butler XP you can have up to  999 units on a yacht if needed. The one button push for service transmitter is robust and very suitable for any yacht or vessel environment, working on small and large boats.

With signal repeaters available as a add on, the range of the system for contacting crew and or stewards is extensive.

Compatible with the 4 Line alphanumeric pager the Butler XP can send messages with text to the pager that stewards and or crew have in their possession, improving how to contact them easier and more efficient then ever before.

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Butler XP SP4 Paging System

This system can have up to 999 Butler XP units on board, the transmitters work with an SP4 pager as shown that can inform crew and or stewards when assistance is needed from another member of staff or a guest on board the yacht; of course guests come first and improving their service is easy with the Butler XP. Guests simply press a button and staff will be notified that the guest needs assistance.

Available with an add on, signal repeaters to extend range from top to bottom of the vessel range will generally not be an issue.

To find out more about the robust Butler XP SP4 pager system please contact us