Radio Accessories

Two-Way Radio Accessories

With a great radio, you need great Accessories to go with it! with very little add on cost, the high end accessories we have to offer are great for your yacht!

Acoustic Earpiece and Microphone


We offer our Acoustic earpiece and microphone that is for any 2 way radios in the United Kingdom, No matter what brand is being used these accessories are legible.
We supply some of the largest companies in the UK so you can be sure our radios are low cost but with high quality it is suitable for large super yachts.

This piece can live up to the commercial standards a yacht has to deal with on a daily basis and can assure the communication will only progress with this piece.

To find out more about the Acoustic Two Way Radio earpiece then please Contact Us!

D shape Earpiece and Microphone

At LRS we supply our well known D shape earpiece and microphone for any two-way radios here in the United Kingdom no matter which brand is used. We supply some of the largest company's where communication is needed in the UK so you can almost guarantee the accessories are of low cost but high quality living up to your yachts expectations of communication on board.

This is a D shape earpiece and microphone that can live up to the standards that yachts require.


To learn more about the D-Shape Two way radio earpiece and microphone then please Contact Us!