Marine Paging Systems & Solutions

Paging Systems for Superyachts & Marine Vessels

With many choices of different solutions for communicating with staff or guests, you can be sure that LRS UK can solve your communication problems that might happen on board. Whether its communication issues between staff to staff or problems between staff and guests LRS can solve these problems with their equipment. These products enhance efficiency. We can help you achieve a high rating for service on board and guests will appreciate the increased quality of service achieved by utilising our solutions. Many products are simply not available from any other supplier and remember that we can make completely custom designer call buttons for guest use; these press for service call buttons have been supplied to many yachts, superyachts and marine vessels around the world and every single customer has been highly delighted with them.

When you are buying any solution from LRS UK for yachts or liners you can rest assured that we have a great and complete backup by professional staff should anything fail, but with just 0.3% failure rate we think you will be as happy as all the other clients we have supplied.


Designer Call Buttons

These Designer Call Button from LRS are the new slick push for service button that we have designed to customers exact needs, fitting in with any unique interior decor that you may have.

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Fire and Alarm Paging Systems

Easily inform staff when there is an alarm. Whether for fire or for other purposes such as engine room alarms, bilge or water levels this unit will send a message when triggered.

Find out more about the Fire Alarm Pager System


Steward and Crew Paging Systems

Allow Stewards/Crew members the ability to be contacted easily and quickly without any disturbance in the cabin, creating a more quiet and peaceful environment for guests.

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Wireless Marine Two-way Radios

Being able to contact staff verbally who may not be close is important on any sea going vessel especially for cabin crew on large yachts or liners and maybe engineers, radios make it easy to contact someone while still in their own location.

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Paging System Accessories

To get the most out of you paging system, its best getting some of the accessories we have to offer such as cases to protect your pager and keep it in good condition for longer - the best way to prolong use.

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Radio Accessories

Marine radio accessories that keep your radio up to date with all the latest gadgets and protection. From  earpieces, to multi chargers and batteries we can supply all brands.


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