Pager Accessories

LRS Paging Accessories

We have a large quantity of accessories available for pagers that are used for marine vessels or on superyachts; These include all of the protection for the device such as leather pouches for the pagers, power supplies, charging bases and a host of other additional units. At LRS we believe satisfaction is of high importance and with these small additional gadgets you will be impressed how these additions can enhance your communication solutions.

Deluxe Pager Protection Cases


These leather protectors not only protect your pager if its dropped but also can prevent any one dropping them by using a bungee cord that attaches to the belt of the user.  There is also a clip on the side of the leather protector if the bungee cord is not available when being used. There are clear advantages of using the leather pouches on any pager and reduced damage undoubtedly can save a device from being returned through continual dropping. In fact over 80% of our customers buy the protector case when buying new equipment. To date we have never had a single protector returned under warranty!

As well as the quality stylish looks these leather protectors are low cost compared to the cost of replacing equipment through damage. So the protectors remain one of the key accessories for our SP4 series and alphanumeric pagers that customers buy.

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Butler ll Programming Kit

The Butler ll Programming Kit is for used push buttons/call buttons programming by the customer and it allows you to easily reprogram the device. Including a USB cable for a windows PC computer, the ability of changing messages without sending the device to LRS is now available saving you additional costs such as postage/lrs price for time changing it for you.

On a yacht it is seen as a absolute 'must have' simply becauseof the necessity on occasion to change the call button messaging that arrives at the staffs pager. Its a quick easy way to make the call buttons completely customizable by you without the hassle of returning products to us. 

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Door Sensor Kit


The door sensor kit is a simple add on that can tell staff when a particular door is opened that might be restricted from guests for example. If a guest is wandering around and for example go onto an area that is out of bounds to guests it is good to have staff able to investigate further to ask if they need any help. The door sensor is discreet and guests would be unaware that it has been triggered. Of course, this addition could be used for many different uses.

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Rubber Wristband Pager Holder

This rubber wristband case is mainly for crew that aren't seen by guests but still need a away to receive messages such as the engineers maybe below deck, having an easy view of a message on the alpha pager is important and a leather protector just wouldn't work. This allows easy viewing of the message for staff.

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