Fire & Alarm Paging Systems

Fire & Alarm Paging for Marine and Superyachts  

Long Range Systems in the UK supplies a substantial number of solutions for fire and alarm paging on superyachts, marine sea going vessels and liners.

The small transmitter shown below is perfect for monitoring engine rooms. If there is a problem the engine room is set up so that a relay is closed - which in turn calls the on-board engineers or other staff with a specific message to attend to the engine room.

And this little board is just as at home installed in the fire alarm system to message anyone when there is a fire alarm. This is a very powerful unit because it can actually monitor seven connectors at once thus being extremely useful for any marine vessel or superyacht that goes on the open sea. You could even use this device for multiple functions onboard. Think of things like bilge alarms, or fuel alarms, water alarm or other alarms that you could think of even a fault code alarm! There are few devices around that can achieve what this one can in a marine environment, but we also sell this in to at least nine or ten other sectors of business - that's how flexible this transmitter is.

Interestingly, this unit operates from anything between 5 volts to 25 volts DC so should be fine for most applications on the vessel. We can program this unit completely for you if you prefer, or alternatively we do supply the program for you to do this yourself. For large installations you might need signal boosters but that's not always the case but they can be added if needed later once installation is completed if necessary.

While the size of the board is small (check the image below) in reality this board can achieve around 80-100 metres in open air which is a real achievement but as we have said there are boosters available for ultra long range. We can supply the board with antenna and external enclosure and power supply (although you can power the unit from your own DC power if necessary)  if you need that and all information for you to make this work.

OEM TX Board

The OEM TX fire and alarm interrogation board from LRS has 7 dry contacts and unique code embedded that allows this board to work in custom situations and is not available from anywhere else other then LRS UK!

  • Fully CE and RoHS compliant
  • Uses pagers for the communication
  • It has 7 dry contacts
  • Can be integrated for open closed or closed open contact
  • Suitable for all types of alarms

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