Custom Wireless Call Buttons

High Quality Designer Custom Call Buttons for Guests

Our high quality customizable call buttons ensure your guests are able to contact staff for help on the superyacht or marine seagoing vessel at just a push of a button.

At LRS we understand guests need to feel relaxed while on superyachts and knowing help is not to far is beneficial to your guests and also to your staff; staff are able to attend to guests quickly generating a better satisfaction of service on the super yacht or ocean going vessel. The best looking and best performing marine yacht call buttons in the industry, used by many companies all over the world.

Since we started to offer custom call buttons our designs have changed to meet the needs more and more ending in our custom customer focused designs that users ask for all of the time. Our newest configurable and non-configurable buttons are just 50mm by 30mm in size but are designed to be even better - in fact we designed them to be the best in the world at any price.

Importantly, we have signal boosters should you ever need them, as well as the ability for reporting and messaging from a tablet if required.

Black Configurable Call Button


White Non-config Call Button


Black Configured Service Call Button


Configurable or Not?

Notice every call button that has a flat top can be massively configured, not only by the body colour, but also the colour of the top.

And there's more with this design; the flat top can be made of a substantial number of different materials and colours of the rainbow including gold, silver, brushed aluminum and other unique finishes.





Incredible Finish

Our call buttons have always been known for quality rather than quantity. And as you see from the white non-config call button the finish is like glass!

That is not by chance. We have spent a very long time building up the paint layers and using a buffer to complete the finish to the highest quality you could buy... ever.





Any Messaging?

As you will see, or configurable call buttons can accept very high quality almost 3D text on the flat top of the call button.

The text is placed under the top of the button so no matter how it's used the text cannot get worn off like cheap alternatives.

The Non-config Designs

As you will see from the images below on this page, the non-config button has a rounded top and is simply one colour. But don't read too much in to this name, because we can supply the non-config call button in almost every colour of the rainbow.

And what's more, we are near enough the only company supplying this call button in natural oak wood finish.





Why Wood?

Some competitors we know go to great lengths to make call buttons with a metal body. Indeed we can sell those too but we would rather not.

You see, a wooden body (as all our custom push for service buttons have) will not reduce the powerful signal from our transmitters. Simply perfect and probably the best in the world.





What About A Logo?

Interestingly, our configurable call button can take any design image and/or text that you might want to display on your custom call button.

This separates quality designer buttons from the low quality high cost buttons that other companies sell. Simply put, the most reliable quality there is.

Grey Configurable Call Button


Wood Non-config Call Button


Grey Configured Service Call Button






Custom High Technology Call Buttons


Customizable call buttons come in all shapes and sizes and can make your guests feel much better knowing help isn't too far away; our slick new designs can be any colour or even leather covered making them the perfect fit for any high end small or large yacht or superyacht; the sense of simplicity of use is easy to see in these designs and guests on any vessel or super yacht should have no problem in quickly communicating to a staff member. The call button will, from the point of pressing the button instantly send a message for staff to attend. The message includes which call button to attend to.

Give your customers the best superyacht or vessel experience in their life with service to match. Our call buttons give guests the chance to feel like royalty with the service you can provide just a push of a button away!

Without any hesitation your guests have the chance to contact people on board the super yacht or marine vessel.

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One of our custom buttons with coloured light (optional for some devices) available in many colours and different finishes.

For further information please contact us on 01782 537000 or use our contact form from this website.