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Questions Customers Ask

  1. How do I buy paging solutions from you?
  2. Where can I find even more information?
  3. What is the position with warranty around the world?
  4. What is the commitment from the customer?
  5. Are your products custom made?
  6. Which other super yachts do you supply?
  7. What about confidentiality?
  8. How good is your technical support?
  9. Is there anything else I should know about LRS UK?

How do I buy Paging Solutions from you?:

We do not operate an online shop... but you can either call us on +44(0)1782537000 and we can help. Alternatively fill out our contact form and we will get back to you quickly. Our staff are all factory trained to give you the best service and support available from any company.

Where can I find even more information?:

You can find out more information by ringing our offices 0n +44(0)1782537000. All members of our sales team are factory trained and know all about paging systems. We guarantee to find a solution to your communication problem with and offer a solution tailored exactly to your needs. You can also check one of our other websites such as where we have different solutions that cover more than 15 sectors of business.

What is the position with warranty around the world?:

We have offices all around the world and we're happy to help if you have any difficulties. First contact is our office in the UK though and we have had extensive experience in helping customers no matter where they are located.

What is the commitment from the customer?:

If we make custom or designer products then we CANNOT cancel any order simply because the products in production is tailored exclusively to you. Unfortunately custom and designer orders are exactly that - completely exclusive.

Are your products custom made?:

Yes. We can manufacture very specific and often hand made products for customers and those are great on a superyacht or other marine vessel or liner. Designed for aesthetics and decor our products can be quite unique.

Which other superyachts do you supply?:

We have supplied many superyachts since 2005 and we can supply a list of some on request but if the yacht has an agreement with us not to disclose the client then we will honour that agreement.

What about confidentiality?:

We do not disclose our clients unless they have advised us that would not be a problem. Indeed we supply some of the wealthiest company owners and royalty around the world. Your information is always safe with us.

How good is your technical support?:

Our technical support is the best in the industry with 7 days a week live LRS support by our top engineers, You can not get better - and our engineers are throroughly familiar with every single system we make.

Is there anything else I should know about LRS UK?:

We have been in the UK since 2001 and supply most of the top companies. We also supply over 15 other sectors of business.