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Long Range Systems is very passionate about the products we produce, Leading to the best solution for any of your communication problems, only available with us. We have some of the latest technology based communication devices available as used in our patented solutions for superyachts and liners. For very large liners our new Table Tracking system allows waiters to deliver food directly to the exact table - even if the guest changes table!

Finest Support

Our support we have to offer is incredible we believe our customers come first! Our staff are always willing to help and go that extra mile when it comes to helping our customers. Factory trained employees increase the quality of service and for all of our marine and superyacht clients our support team are used to helping clients no matter where the yacht or liner is based at any time. You simply will never find better support from any company.

More about us ...

Long Range Systems is a Paging Manufacturer of Worldwide status ...

 We sell our products in to many industries, but one in which we excel is Large Yacht and Superyacht Pager Systems in the marine sector. We have been supplying in this sector since 2005.

Our clients Yachts include: MY Kijo, Cuor Di Leone, MY Sirocco, MY Mustique, MY Kimberley II, Excellence III and many others.

Because we are a manufacturers office, when you buy from us we offer great pricing, a superb warranty (new for old) and really good support which is absolutely essential when you are running a busy Yacht. Our world wide status ensures no matter where your Yacht is in the world we can help you if ever there is an emergency.

Since 1993 we have manufactured and supplied over 20 Industries around the World, we hold over 20 Patents for development of some of the highest technology paging solutions available anywhere - so we're here to stay the long term - just like you.

For products that can be used on superyachts but are not on this site please do take the time to visit our regular Long Range Systems website - we have many products there which CAN be used successfully on a Yacht - just go to lrsuk.co.uk  . We have available supstantially more high quality products that we make that are world leading products using the latest technology available. For example our new CS7 guest paging solution no longer uses a regular pager (as all competitive systems do).

The CS7 is actually a transciever - a first in the world of guest paging. With this transciever the whole system knows if the message was received by the CS7 because the CS7 will reply to the transmitter so the system is really currently the best guest recall solution in the world.

For more products like our CS7 please do contact us - we know that we can help!

Thank you for visiting this site and we look forward to working with you in the future.